Free agent academic and itinerant instructor investigating improbable and unexpectedly emergent phenomena in interactive human-in-the-loop systems—including (but not limited to) algorithmic bias, model dynamics, and learning effects (in both humans and machines). If it was the ‘50s, you might call this Cybernetics

Additionally, by developing new mixed methods approaches to evaluating these systems, I hope to help others approach technical research with a critical lens in order to build more usable and humane technology.

Previously, I co-founded Zipfian Academy, taught classes at the University of San Francisco, and built a Data Visualization MOOC with Udacity. In addition to my academic teaching, I have also run data science trainings for a Fortune 100 company and taught workshops at Strata, PyData, & DataWeek (among others). In a former life I worked for Alpine Data Labs developing distributed machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics on Hadoop. Going all most of the way back… I first discovered my love of all things data while studying Computer Science and Physics @ UC Berkeley 🐻.

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