Art and Machine Learning
Wed Feb 27, 2019 · 471 words

These resources and tutorials are for anyone interested in using machine learning for creative uses. Whether you are an artist looking to augment your practice with machine learning or a ML engineer/researcher wanting to make creative applications.

Courses (loosely defined)

Creative Coding Tools

Here is a list of some common creative coding libraries (not including machine learning specific libraries).

Not sure where to start/what to use, try p5.js or 🙌

Machine Learning Tools (for making art)

General purpose frameworks/libraries

Google Colab Examples/Documentation

Semi-official Google Contributed

Interactive ML Embedding Examples

Here are some fun interactive embedding visualizations from Google’s AI Experiments, hopefully they also give some intuition about high dimensional spaces and what embedding does to them:

Generative, Procedural, and Algorithmic Art Tutorials

Here are some examples/tutorials on creating generative, procedural, or algorithmic art/designs using code.


A non-exhaustive list of people doing interesting things at the intersection of art, ML, and design.


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